5 Ways to Set the Right Mood With Outdoor Solar Lighting

July 2, 2018


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Now that summer is here, people spend more time outside to enjoy the beautiful nights. So hospitality businesses should benefit from this season to create an attractive and pleasant ambiance. A creative and unique way to do so is by installing solar lights around the outdoor area to illuminate the night. Check these 5 ways to set the right mood with outdoor solar lighting:

Highlighting specific areas

Either for the outdoor living, dining spaces, or any other area, solar lighting can offer a unique ambiance and experience for the visitors. Using solar lamps escapes the hassle of wires, which also allows hospitality businesses in placing the lamps anywhere they want. This way, they avoid dull lighting by organizing a creative setup.

Lighting up the path

In order for guests to walk around the outdoors properly at night, they would need some lights to clear their path. For this, hospitality businesses can create a one-of-a-kind arrangement by staying away from the traditional way. Using outdoor solar lighting that have diverse designs and work differently than the traditional lights, brings style to the external paths.

Welcoming visitors with beautiful lighting

A embracing entrance isn’t only about the design and cleanliness of the place, or the attitude of the staff. The lighting also plays a powerful role in making guests feel welcomed. Here too, outdoor solar lighting can be useful. Placing some lamps on the floor, or suspending them in the air adds a creative touch to the main entrance.

Connecting the outdoors with the indoors

One of the smart ways to light up a hotel, resort or restaurant, is to smoothly drive guests from the indoors to the outdoors. In other terms, connecting the internal to the external space. Once again, solar lighting can guide guests toward the pool, the outdoor terrace, or any other area needed. Installing the lamps in unconventional places while completing the goal creates an impressive and mysterious atmosphere.

Lighting up background areas

Usually, in a hotel or resort, the garden and the external area are taken seriously by allocating a lot of time to create it. Some spaces were built for guests to enjoy the outdoors, while others to decorate. In both cases, the two areas must be illuminated at night to highlight them. Whether in the pool area, which will less likely be used at night, or the garden, outdoor solar lights can be a great addition to set up an interesting mood.

Other reasons for hotels, restaurants and resort to go for outdoor solar lighting are the different advantages they provide. When you decide to adopt this creative system, contact your hospitality outdoor furniture supplier to discover the different collection.