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6 Benefits of Using LED Lighting

July 2, 2018


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LED lighting is the most eco-friendly, the cleanest and the most energy-efficient way to illuminate an outdoor or indoor space. There are plenty of style, use and cost saving reasons to install this type of light. Here are six of the major benefits of using LED bulbs:

Long life

One of the easiest benefits to understand is the long life. LED bulbs have a usable lifespan in the region of 100,000 hours. This has the potential to provide nearly 20 years of use with the light in use for about 8 hours per day. The low output level is one of the reasons for the longer operational life. Also, the long life span means there is a lot less maintenance work to complete.

Energy efficient

The LED bulbs are nearly 80% to 90% more energy-efficient compared to the traditional alternatives. The incandescent lights are less efficient because of the amount of heat they produce, which isn’t a problem with LED bulbs. The ability to save energy is most noticeable in large infrastructure projects, such as airports, railroads and cities. For instance, a typical airport has the ability to save about 30% more energy compared to using traditional lights.


LED bulbs are entirely free of toxic chemicals, such as mercury, which can have a negative impact on the environment. They are 100% recyclable and a useful option to let individual households cut their carbon footprint. Also, this type of bulb can last about 25 longer than the incandescent which means there is a lot of material saved in the production process.

Durable Quality

The LEDs are built to be tough and durable and a practical option for outdoor use even in the most difficult conditions. They are built to be resistant to external impacts, vibrations and shock. The resilient nature makes the lights practical for manufacturing and construction sites. They are also usable in low temperatures without experiencing issues with normal operation.

Low UV Emissions

The LED bulbs produce low UV emissions and low infrared light. The low heat emission makes the lights a practical choice for materials and goods that are highly sensitive to sources of heat. Also, there are plenty of UV sensitive materials in art galleries and museums that preferred this light source.


LEDs make it possible to create a wide range of light effects. This type of light is dimmable for complete ease in controlling its distribution and color.

5 Ways to Set the Right Mood With Outdoor Solar Lighting

July 2, 2018


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Now that summer is here, people spend more time outside to enjoy the beautiful nights. So hospitality businesses should benefit from this season to create an attractive and pleasant ambiance. A creative and unique way to do so is by installing solar lights around the outdoor area to illuminate the night. Check these 5 ways to set the right mood with outdoor solar lighting:

Highlighting specific areas

Either for the outdoor living, dining spaces, or any other area, solar lighting can offer a unique ambiance and experience for the visitors. Using solar lamps escapes the hassle of wires, which also allows hospitality businesses in placing the lamps anywhere they want. This way, they avoid dull lighting by organizing a creative setup.

Lighting up the path

In order for guests to walk around the outdoors properly at night, they would need some lights to clear their path. For this, hospitality businesses can create a one-of-a-kind arrangement by staying away from the traditional way. Using outdoor solar lighting that have diverse designs and work differently than the traditional lights, brings style to the external paths.

Welcoming visitors with beautiful lighting

A embracing entrance isn’t only about the design and cleanliness of the place, or the attitude of the staff. The lighting also plays a powerful role in making guests feel welcomed. Here too, outdoor solar lighting can be useful. Placing some lamps on the floor, or suspending them in the air adds a creative touch to the main entrance.

Connecting the outdoors with the indoors

One of the smart ways to light up a hotel, resort or restaurant, is to smoothly drive guests from the indoors to the outdoors. In other terms, connecting the internal to the external space. Once again, solar lighting can guide guests toward the pool, the outdoor terrace, or any other area needed. Installing the lamps in unconventional places while completing the goal creates an impressive and mysterious atmosphere.

Lighting up background areas

Usually, in a hotel or resort, the garden and the external area are taken seriously by allocating a lot of time to create it. Some spaces were built for guests to enjoy the outdoors, while others to decorate. In both cases, the two areas must be illuminated at night to highlight them. Whether in the pool area, which will less likely be used at night, or the garden, outdoor solar lights can be a great addition to set up an interesting mood.

Other reasons for hotels, restaurants and resort to go for outdoor solar lighting are the different advantages they provide. When you decide to adopt this creative system, contact your hospitality outdoor furniture supplier to discover the different collection.

Health Benefits Related to LED Lighting

July 2, 2018


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The world of lighting, LED particularly, can get overpowering for those that are not directly in this space. From lumens to watts, efficiency, and more; which are the terms you might not understand. Not only is it just about LED terms and jargons, but also broad concepts, information, and methods of LED lighting expertise and the fundamentals that are important to understanding to use LED to its fullest capability. But you don’t need to know the technique behind it while you can just know how they help you in different ways to improve your health.

LED has been here for almost a decade now and we know why. There are numerous of advantages of these lighting. Not like the conventional incandescent or fluorescent light sources, LEDs emit light at extremely definite wavelengths. Physiologists and psychologists know how light can influence a person’s usual circadian rhythms. Think about, for example, the increasing number of diagnoses of “seasonal affective disorder” that influences persons in northern climates who have extremely restricted sunlight revelation all through the winter months. LED lights are now seen as a possible cure for individuals whose circadian body clocks have been disturbed by environmental or other circumstances.

• Balances Circadian Rhythm

Latest developments in LED light technology have permitted the LEDs to imitate natural lighting. Research shows that correct exposure to natural light promotes a well and normal circadian rhythm and LEDs appear to do the trick. So switch those fluorescents in your workplace and house for LEDs and take pleasure in the sleep benefits!

• Lesser Number of Headaches

We are all well-known with those irritating and flickering fluorescent bulbs. For the people who experience headaches and migraines, fluorescents can have shocking side effects and you should throw them out straight-away. You can do this without any second thoughts as there is now a substitute! LED bulbs do not sputter, and can rather help relieve headaches.

• Increased Learning Performance

When LEDs are applied to your learning space, say, your study room, research suggests that learning performance is improved. This makes LEDs the most advantageous investment for schools as well. Say yes to LEDs and let’s help students thrive.

• Decreased levels of Stress

We all know how spending a day in the open air can assist lessen the strain. Although we may not be able to time and again get outdoors in this hectic day to day life, LED lighting can present some help in that case. LED lighting has been linked to decreased levels of stress and fretfulness in covered environments.

We all are familiar with the fact that LED lighting is excellent for the environment, but, we are now in the hunt for the LED lighting that is good for people as well! Making a switch to LED is one easy manner to have an encouraging effect on people.

Environmental Benefits of Smart LEDs

July 2, 2018


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As more and more people are becoming conscious about conservation of the environment, one such huge leap can be made by way of switching to use environment-friendly energy and gadgets. LEDs (Light Emission Diodes) are one such invention with great potential that will completely change our light industry in a positive and fruitful manner. Making a switch to smart LEDs lights is the easiest way of taking our first step towards going green and saving our money too.

Some of the most prominent environmental benefits of using smart LEDs are:

  • Low energy consumption: The smart LED lights consume between 60 to 80 percent less electricity/energy than the traditional incandescent, fluorescent and halogen options resulting in more illumination at very low energy spend.

Smart LED lights can also be app controlled to be turned off when not in use and dimmed or brightened based on time of day and amount of natural light available.This is easily reflected in your electricity bill. Also, the bill is just a small part of it, the bigger picture benefits greatly from the energy savings. Just imagine if everyone makes the switch, how much can the world save on the whole.

  • Low Carbon Emission: One of the biggest contributors to the carbon emission in the environment is the home lighting systems. This impact can be completely negated by switching to use smart LED lights, which emit almost negligible carbon into the atmosphere. The incandescent bulbs create as much as 4,500 lbs. of CO2 per year and CFLs create a little less 1,051 lbs. of carbon emissions per year whereas the smart LED lights only create 451 lbs. of CO2 per year. The difference is vast in nature. It was found in a study, that replacing only one light bulb in every house with an LED bulb would reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 9 billion pounds.
  • Chemical free disposal: The smart LED lights are not only eco-friendly as far as usage is concerned, but also when it comes to disposal of the bulb. The LED lights do not emit any nuclear or Sulfur dioxide waste and neither do they contain any toxic mercury like the fluorescent bulbs, therefore, their disposal has no impact on landfill. Disposal of LEDs is safer on the environment.
  • Cold Temperature Operation: LEDs love to remain cool, unlike its other counterparts which tend to heat up on consumption of energy. For the same reason, these smart LEDs don’t release any heat into the environment and contributes to curbing global warming. No extra energy is wasted in the heating process.
  • No emission of Ultra-Violet rays: Unlike other traditional lamps, these smart LED lamps do not emit any Ultraviolet rays. This makes it a healthier as well as safer source of lighting. They do not produce any infra-red lights, making them suitable for use in places where there are highly heat sensitive materials.

While you may ask that the normal LED bulbs come with the same set of attributes and what is the point of investing in smart LEDs? Smart LED bulbs come with a control system, which gives you an option of either turning in off when not in use with the help of a timer or to make it dim when you do not need full light. So, you won’t be wasting any extra energy when not required. They can also be used in conjunction with motion sensors for outdoor lighting so they turn on or off only when someone walks through. This ensures availability of light when required and saving when not.

These LEDs are eco-friendly and hence can be easily made in use by as many organizations, schools, hospitals etc. The only concern why this has not been achieved yet is the expensive price tag that may be intimidating at the outset.

Only if we look at this price as an investment, as one LED lasts way longer than the traditional bulbs, we would readily be able to make the switch towards a safer environment.

A simple switch to safeguard our future. The whole world is under this global shift towards adopting more and more sustainable means for the healthier future. Big organizations like Canon, CSC IT services etc. follow principles of sustainability where they have already made remarkable changes for achieving sustainability in their organization, which will overall contribute towards better and healthier environment. Just something as simple as switching one light bulb can have a huge environmental impact. All we need to do is to make a switch towards better future by embracing LEDs in our daily lives.

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